Haraald Wittgenstein

Captain of Knights Reach Watch


Stats etc GM only


Haraald Witten’s eyes are full of the things he could have been. They are iron grey, but something about them tell you they weren’t always so tired. Beneath the lines of concern and bureaucracy, still hides a young hero who gave it all up and joined the city watch. Lo, that is a story…

Haraald is overworked, to the point of exhaustion, and often sub-contracts out things he should really be investigating. A hero encased in the doldrums of daily tedium and complaints, Haraald is wasted. Worse, he knows it.

Such knowledge leads most men into bitterness, cynical naysayers who question any seemingly honest motive with a half hearted grunt. Not Haraald though. The ol captain of the watch of Knights Reach loves nothing more than a bright eyed, green as they come young hero. Beneath his gruff overtones is a tragic story of loss, one that is compensated by the proximity of youth. He has leads, jobs and for some reason knows a thing or two about the aristocracy. Befriend him and he’ll be useful, and loyal too. Ignore him and he’ll bare you no malice either.

Haraald Wittgenstein

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